"Chamonix is the best of both worlds. She is a serious person, extremely bright and knowledgeable, very very accomplished professionally and also has incredible interpersonal skills and incredible empathy and really understands.  I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made." 

Scott (Ryan's dad)



"Ryan loved his sessions, as did my wife and I, with Chamonix. He looked forward to them. Chamonix was patient, she built a wonderful rapport with Ryan, and she clearly had researched based strategies that she taught him which helped him overcome this issue.  I couldn't recommend Chamonix Sikora more strongly for any parent who has a child that is having issues with stuttering."


Hope For Stuttering Testimonial

"I grew up stuttering but was not treated for it until it became a huge hindrance to my performance as a college student at a competitive university and a potential roadblock to my ideal career as a teacher. I met Chamonix the summer before my senior year of college, and my work with her over the next several months completely transformed my life. Not only was I a more assertive student and contributor in the classroom, but, to my surprise, I was also more confident in social situations, where I didn't think stuttering had such an impact. Working with Chamonix, who is the one of the sweetest people on earth, I felt better about myself -- whether or not I stuttered. I have enjoyed my life as an English teacher for the last eight years since college graduation and am now pursuing a PhD in English with the hopes of one day becoming a professor. "

~Rebecca H., CA, English teacher and PhD candidate

“I wish I would have had a clinician like you when I was in high school or college.”

~Professor Walt Manning, Associate Dean, University of Memphis, person who stutters, author of textbook 'Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders'   

Hope For Stuttering Testimonial

Hope For Stuttering Testimonial 3

“Chamonix, there are no words. My entire family loves you and the work you did with Darius. It changed the course of his life. There was never a time when he didn't want to come to therapy and he was always upbeat and happy when we left.  We hit the jackpot with you and will forever be grateful. When I recently asked him what was the greatest part of his experience with you… he said, “YOU”. 

~Charisse D., NYC (Mother of Darius, treated at age 5, now 15 years old)     

“I've struggled with stuttering as long as I can remember.  It's always been a really difficult burden for me to bear and held me back from doing the things I've wanted to do.  I did some therapy as a child, but I never felt it helped all that much.  I began seeing Chamonix in my late 20s, and she was amazing!  She's incredibly warm and welcoming and was always there to listen to any concerns I had. I made so much progress.  I became more emotionally comfortable with my stuttering, felt less anxiety during the actual moments when I stuttered, and, yes, I even achieved increased fluency!  Thank you so much Chamonix.  You have made such a difference in my life that I cannot begin to offer my gratitude."  
~Adam M., Attorney, NYC

"I just wanted to give you an update on my son. It is so exciting to me. He just came back from a basketball camp where he was a coach for 10 kids.  He spent four days with these kids that were high school freshmen and sophomores.  He said he did not sit down for four days and he was talking constantly.  This camp is huge with 75 coaches and like 500 campers. He had to introduce himself to so many people he had never met, campers, other coaches, parents, and other basketball players. He even had to referee games.  When he came home he spoke so easily...telling us about the four days. On top of all the playing and speaking he did he said he got no sleep. That has always been a hindrance to his fluency...being tired.  He never could have attempted this role without your help. He was able to use the tools you have given him and he flourished.  When he came home exhausted telling us about the week my husband and I couldn't believe how well he spoke. This whole experience will help him in the future and we are so thankful that we "found you".

I called you in tears more than a year ago because I was unable to help my son "talk".  I am amazed, seeing the results of all your work with him, how confident he has become.  Thank you once again for being the consummate professional. We thank God for you, amazed at how He has worked through you to help our son!"

   CT (mother of client)

Hope For Stuttering CT Testimonial

Hope For Stuttering Testimonial 4

"What helped me the most was seeing that you really care about me and that you are interested in what's best for me as a person. Thank you for being there to help me through my "breakdown"--or rather my "build up"--and helping me become more confident and owning positive beliefs, in all areas of my life."

~Yael Bleicher, Registered Dietitian,  NJ

"The most important thing a person who stutters—or the family of a child who stutters—can do to enhance their success in therapy is this: find a clinician who truly understands stuttering. Chamonix Sikora is exactly such a clinician. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, empathetic, and highly skilled. She has dedicated herself to helping people who stutter and their families, and she knows how to make a difference in people’s lives."

~J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow
Board Certified Specialist in Fluency
Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Co-Author of “School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide” and “Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter”

Hope For Stuttering Testimonial 5

"I remember all too well unloading a lot of guilt and grief on you and you were so poised and professional and reassuring. I am eternally grateful for your help to both me and David."

~Lisa J., Greenwich, CT (mother of school-age client David)

“I shared with my class how powerful it has been to work with a supervisor that has high expectations but does not in anyway interact in a condescending or belittling manner towards the student clinician.”

~Andrea Hernandez, graduate student of speech-language pathology Southern CT State University

Hope For Stuttering Testimonial

Hope For Stuttering CT Testimonial

"My daughter, Lily, who was 6 years old at the time, had been stuttering for about 8 months.  She was having trouble getting her words out and she was also repeating sounds and words.  Slowly but surely, Lily was deciding that she rather not speak at all than stutter. As her mother, this was heartbreaking.

It was at this time that we started seeing Chamonix. I can honestly say, Lily's confidence improved starting with our first session. As we drove to our first meeting, Lily was very nervous and upset.  Chamonix's  calm and caring nature, immediately put Lily at ease.  After that, Lily looked forward to her time with Chamonix. She learned techniques that she would practice at home and then began using them during real conversations. Going to speech therapy with Chamonix gave Lily the tools to control her stuttering, rather than the stuttering controlling her. Lily had been going to speech therapy at her school too. Pretty quickly I asked that the school speech therapist not work on stuttering therapy with Lily. It was clear the specific training Chamonix had in stuttering therapy was far more effective than what the school speech therapist was doing.
Lily is 11 years old now and she no longer stutters. Lily and I will always be grateful to Chamonix for all the help she gave Lily and for the work she continues to do for the stuttering community."

~Michele Taylor, NJ (mother of Lily)

"Dear Chamonix,
This has been a radical, history-shifting time for me. It’s not common to receive a pair of wings…     Thank you for working with me. You are patient, clear, and encouraging. You communicate respect and hope in a very powerful way. I couldn’t be more grateful!"

~With Love,
adult female, artist, Mexico

"I hope you realize how important you've been to me over the last couple of years.  Beyond freeing me from my speech cage, the things you've taught me have impacted me positively...throughout my entire life.  And I am more grateful for that than you will ever know."

~Much love,
adult male, NYC